Marca AutoPatent employs true artificial intelligence to provide accurate and reliable searches with easy to understand supporting evidence. No longer is AI a black box. Marca AutoPatent provides transparent results leading to actionable responses. No longer are you limited by keyword searches and traditional categorizations.

This breakthrough technology makes it easy-to-use and dramatically reduces time and cost, while improving the accuracy of Prior Art searches.

How Marca CogniTechAI Works

  • Extracts the information from your idea and accurately interprets concepts and meaning
  • Evaluates the uniqueness of your idea
  • Searches all existing prior art in real time to identify similar concepts
  • Provides direct comparison of your idea and prior art
  • Yields actionable results

Case Study

Recently, a Fortune 200 company requested Marca’s assistance in comparing a new product under development with a competitor’s prior art. Using Marca AutoPatent, they ran a search that yielded valuable information that identified areas where their resources would be better allocated during the research phase of the product’s development. In addition to saving both time and money during this research phase, patent attorney costs were reduced due to the increased relevancy of the patent application itself.